About Me

Hello, my name is Wade Carrier, I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I've been taking photos for over 20 years, I started off in Black and White 35mm, and have since moved into the digital era, with my camera of choice, and its compliments of glass that go with it.

Having access to darkroom, when I was 15 years old, is what really sparked my interest in Photography. A friend of the family, helped me get on my way, while teaching me darkroom techniques, such as developing my own B&W film, and developing my own photos. Once I caught the bug, I was going through an avg of 1 to 2 rolls a week, and loving every minute of it. Giving myself projects such as, a true one hour printing all done by myself, taking photos of Military officers that were passing though for annual inspections, I would take their photo, then head off to the darkroom, to develop my roll's, pick my shot, develop the photo, frame it, and then present it to the reviewing officer before the end of the ceremony.

It was little things like this, that made me realize that I work well under pressure, and actually enjoy it. Fast forward several years later, where I had an on again, off again relationship with photography. I started up Martial Arts, and liking the action I decided to start taking photos for my Dojo. It sparked my love for photography once again, I enjoyed it so much that I started shooting not only in the Dojo, but doing the local competitions. Turns out, I enjoy capturing the action more than I could have imagined.

Fast forward a few years again, so I volunteered my time at a local CrossFit competitions to take photos, and I enjoyed that as much as I did documenting Martial Arts! Turns out this reignited my love and hunger for photography once again. After years and years, of just taking snapshots, I've finally found my true love in photography, and that's documenting competitions of any sort, and thriving to get that perfect shot of the action, any action!